New Arrivals (Fall Favorites)

We're super excited to share some of our new products with you. Below, you'll find a few of our favorite handmade items from our Fall 2016 lineup, including:

Monogrammed Koozies

Yep, you heard that right. Can't even begin to tell you how many IPA's were sacrificed to turn this product into a reality. Dreams really do come true.

Luggage Tags

 We traveled a good bit this summer, and those janky elastic tags American Airlines kept slapping on our nice leather duffels just wasn't doing it justice. We were in dire need of an upgrade.

Ladies Totes & Clutches

Our mothers may have gotten the last couple years' prototypes as gifts for every birthday & Christmas, but this year we're going out on a limb and thinking they'll want another. 

Leather Valets

For your keys, wallet & phone on a nightstand, coasters and remote on a coffee table, or jewelry on the bedroom dresser, these are a versatile, durable & beautiful addition to anyone's home or office.

Dopp Kits & Makeup Bags

These beautiful bags make packing for long trips a little bit more bearable. I've been spilling toothpaste, contact solution & shaving cream in my prototype dopp kit for over a year, but we designed them to withstand the wear and challenge of heavy use.

Leather Key Straps

Solid brass snaps and a leather loop to hold on to make this a nice, versatile addition to our key fob/strap lineup. 

Cord Snaps/Tech Organizers

Tired of unwrapping tangled headphones & watching your iPhone charger wear a turtleneck in the heat of summer? We've got you covered.

We've always taken pride in the goods we produce, but these new additions to our lineup challenged us to take our products to the next level. New brass hardware, new construction techniques and new design principles were all incorporated to offer an assembly of goods that is without a doubt our most exciting release to date.

So please take a minute to browse our updated website and product pages--we promise you'll find something new and exciting in need of a monogram and home.

Did you know Christmas is coming up? New items make for great gifts for the lady you love or the dad who owns everything.

See a new favorite? Let us know what you're diggin' so we feel inspired for forthcoming late-night prototype sessions and product lineup additions! Shop all of our new arrivals HERE.