C&C's New Belt Trade-In Program

We've all got a few in our closet... raggedy old belts that mom bought in middle school to get through our adolescent years. Having to be replaced every couple years as a result of poor construction, these department store debacles have taken enough of our money and we have a lifelong solution to this problem (see below).

Clayton & Crume Belt Trade In Program

We're excited to release a project aimed at changing your relationship with leather: our brand new C&C Belt Exchange.  

It's simple. Place your order. Mail us your old, worn-out "leather" belt. Once received, we'll send you a brand new, heavyweight full-grain leather/solid brass belt built to last.

Our goal here at C&C is to showcase the true beauty of leather. To maintain a standard that has been ignored by mass-manufacturing. To offer our supporters access to products that they are truly proud to own. Something that will last them a lifetime.

Clayton & Crume Leather Belts

Best of all, you get a killer discount for sending your old one in. Since you're relieving your waist of the misery of an old, tattered piece of leather, we're offering this trade-in for just $50 ($20 off our normal price).

No more "Genuine Leather". It's time to introduce yourself to the beauty and durability of "Full Grain".  Place your order now, and upgrade your everyday belt to something you'll be proud to one day pass down to your grandchildren.

Don't worry. We'll even provide your old belt a proper resting place in our "Belt Boneyard".

Clayton & Crume Belt Trade-In Program